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For Children and Youth


Preschool to
12th Grade

Almaden Hills was started by families with children in the 1960s, and they are still vital to our church life today. Brianna Tena leads our Children’s Ministry (preschool and elementary ages), which includes Gathering Time during the Almaden Hills Sunday Service, “Convivio” family get-togethers, Summer Family Bible Camp, and special events at Christmas and Easter. Lisa Jacobs and Kat Kraynik Baker lead our wonderful three-church Joint Youth Ministry for grades 6-12.

Our children learn about God’s love and how to be a part of our “church family.” Gathering Time takes place on Sunday mornings during our regular service at Almaden Hills. Children are excused about 15 minutes into the service to go with Brianna and adult volunteers to learn the stories of the faith in scripture, enjoy hands-on arts and crafts activities, and play games. VeggieTales worship music often accompanies our activities.





One Sunday a month, families with children gather for a “Convivio” (“Living Together”) lunch fellowship after church.

Family Bible Camp meets Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings one week in the summer. Unlike typical Vacation Bible School, we meet for a supper fellowship with students and parents. Afterwards, the children enjoy summer activities and learning, while adults do the same in their own gathering. Working parents get a chance to enjoy the session, too!


Bible Camp

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The Joint Youth Ministry is for any 6th-12th grader interested in being part of a community of service and faith. You don't have to be from our churches, know anything about God, look or believe a certain way, have money, dress a certain way, have your life perfectly together, or be any degree of cool. We are a family of students and leaders learning how to Love God and Love Others together – and we'd be thrilled if you joined us at any event, anytime. Tons of activities, mission trips, camp and a lot of (sometimes messy) fun. JYM Director Lisa Jacobs and Associate Director Kat Kraynick-Baker would love to meet you! Learn more.

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